JDMT070208 carbide insert

JDMT070208 milling insert
JDMT Carbide insert
Size:JDMT070208 milling insert
 PVD Coating
Working material: stainless steel, steel, and other material
Grade: WB25TS/WB35TS

P20-P30: for high cutting speed on carbon steel and alloy steel, high toughness cutting edge.
M20-M40:For stainless steel machining, high hardness milling grade
S20-S40 for low to medium speed milling on heat resistance alloy.

P15-P25:High speed machining of carbon steel and alloy steel, high wear resistance.
M15-M35:For stainless steel machining, high wear resistance, high oxidation resistance temperature.
S15-S35: for high temp alloys machining, high wear resistance.
Note: more good at stainless steel working.