4 flute carbide end mill

4 flute carbide end mill 45HRC 55HRC 60HRC
4 flute end mill 55HRC 

Rod Material :
Use zigong China ZK30UF high hardness and good wear resistance .

Coating :
TisiN,Containing silica ,very high surface hardness and high thermal resistance .

2 /3/4 Flute by your choose .
2 Flute ,good for chip removal ,easy for vertical feed processing ,widely used in slot and hole processing .
4 Flute ,high rigidity ,widely used in shallow slot ,profile milling and finish machining 

Helix Angle
35 Deg ,High adaptalibility to the material and hardness of workpieces ,widely used to mold and product processing and cost efficient .

Size : we can produce Dia 1mm to 20mm if need Big ,we can OEM ,Length 50mm 75mm 80mm 100mm 150mm .