55HRC 8mm carbide end mill

-4 Flute carbide end mill
-8mm carbide end mill
-Coating :TiSiN
Brand :WB Carbide 
Size :8x20x60 
  (we could be produce Dia 0.5mm to 20mm ,Length :50mm 75mm 80mm 100mm 150mm)
4 Flute: 
High rigidity ,widely used in shallow slot ,profile milling and finish machining .

Coating :
                 55HRC  Coating is TiSiN , containing silica ,very high surface hardness and high thermal resistance .
                          ----  Carbon Steel 
                          ----   Alloy steel 
                          ----  Cast Iron
                           ----  Hardened Steel

Helix Angle
35 Deg ,High adaptalibility to the material and hardness of workpieces ,widely used to mold and product processing and cost efficient .